Psychotherapy is a way of working with people that provides emotional relief, treats many mental disorders develops capacity for connectedness with others, work and the world and can enhance a person’s quality of life considerably.

Many people seek out a psychologist as well to change personality structure and develop into more fully integrated and alive human beings.

Your first session does not have to be daunting, it will feel more like a “deep” conversation we have about your life, relationship and goals.

I have trained in and teach multiple modes and theories of Psychotherapy.

You will find in me a psychologist who truly loves working therapeutically with you. I am entranced with the lives of my clients and care deeply for each person I encounter in the therapy I do. Deep, Authentic Connection creates the conditions for change and healing in a manner tailored very specifically to your needs, personality and dynamic. 

Using the relationship to spark CHANGE IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT.

I prefer to work in a tailored, holistic and sometimes innovative way to help clients achieve powerful change. Modalities I use include Person Centered Therapy, which involves meeting YOU where YOU ARE and creating a transformative space for healing and transformation.

I also use Depth Psychology, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Couples Therapy. There is also the option of an innovative semi-structured therapy process to address systemic stress related issues that results in deep personality integration, transformation and personal psychological freedom. Ask for this process specifically if it interests you.

 I know first-hand all of the complexities necessary for recovery. The process can be inspirational for both of us as well as potentially life-changing. If you’d like to have a healthier relationship with yourself, your partner, your emotions and the universe, get in touch, I would love to hear your story.